Condition Syntax

Condition syntax is the highest level in terms of creating conditions. It is a string syntax which is parsed by Rocketry’s condition parser. It is fast to type and simple. It is very suitable for quick scheduling or in simple applications but the downside is that static code analyzers cannot inspect the correctness of these statements.


This section does not go into details (please see them from condition API handbook) but rather show the same examples with the condition syntax.

Here are some examples:

@app.task('every 10 seconds')
def do_constantly():

def do_hourly():

@app.task('daily between 08:00 and 14:00')
def do_daily():

@app.task("after task 'do_daily'")
def do_after():

@app.task('true & false & ~(true | false)')
def do_logic():