Condition Syntax

This section lists the pre-built condition syntax that are allowed to be passed as strings to start_cond or end_cond of a task.


You can also combine multiple conditions using logical operators:

  • &: AND operator

  • |: OR operator

  • ~ NOT operator

For example: (daily | after task 'mytask') & ~time of day after 10:00

Explanations of the syntax notation:

  • <start>, <end> and <time>: These are fixed time components

    • if “hour”, use format mm:ss, ie. 30:00 (half past)

    • if “day”, use 24 hour clock, ie. 14:00 (2 PM)

    • if “week”, supply weekdays as full names or abbreviations, ie. Monday or Mon

    • if “month”, supply a day of month, ie. 13th (13th of month)

  • <timedelta>: These are time deltas

  • <task>: These are names of tasks

    • Supply a name of a task. The task can be created later but should be created before inspecting the status of the condition.