Task DependenceΒΆ


after task '<task>'
after task '<task>' [succeeded | failed | finished | terminated]
after tasks '<task 1>', '<task 2>' ...
after tasks '<task 1>', '<task 2>' ... [succeeded | failed | finished]
after any tasks '<task 1>', '<task 2>' ... [succeeded | failed | finished]

True when

True if the assigned task has not run after the given task has succeeded/failed/finished/terminated. Useful for creating task pipelines.


Must be assigned to a task.


# Creating a dummy task
def a_task():

# Examples
app.task("after task 'a_task'")
app.task("after task 'a_task' succeeded")
app.task("after task 'a_task' failed")
app.task("after task 'a_task' finished")
app.task("after tasks 'a_task', 'another_task' finished")