How it works?

There are four core components in Rocketry’s ecosystem:

  • Rocketry: acts as the top level interface

  • Session: handles the configuration and act as a medium level interface

  • Scheduler: handles the flow of the system

  • Task: handles how to a task is executed

Additionally there are several subcomponents:

  • Condition: A statement that is either true or false depending on time or state

  • TimePeriod: An abstraction of time elements to define time intervals and periods such as today, specific time of day, week etc.

  • Parameters: Key-value pairs that can be passed to tasks

  • Arguments: The value of the key-value pair of a parameter

The loggers of the system use logging library’s loggers which are extended using Red Bird’s RepoHandler to enable the log records to be read.

Flow of the system

system flow

Task execution

task execution